Thursday, June 23, 2011

Aliens, Murderers, and Royce Chocolates

Just woke up from this dream. When I was in college, my dreams used to be this vivid. It's been years since I had anything like this. I decided to write it down as soon as I woke up, carefully remembering the details before it fleets from memory. Can someone please interpret it?

Here it goes:

I was traveling with a buddy. We were going to a resort in the mountains. To get there, we Had to walk for more than an hour. Halfway through, we reached a lookout overlooking the resort. A river separated it from the mountain resort. We passed by it and walked through valleys and 7 hills, all along a river. When we got to the resort we saw a huge swimming pool. Everyone in the pool were my high school batchmates. I stripped and swam. The water was warm. 

Suddenly, I was in a facility built for technology research. There were huge machinery and massive cylindrical containers. People were busy going about their work. I was given a tour. There was a helicopter delivering something. I went there and saw a demonstration. A man was whispering to a helicopter toy, the size of a small model. He then kissed it then placed it in front of his crotch as if it was giving him a blowjob. Then he turned it on. The small chopper flew, and as it stayed mid-air, the propeller transformed into gray tentacles. Smaller black tentacles grew from the roof of the chopper. Then suddenly, the chopper spoke. This was not a toy helicopter, this was an alien life form! Taken aback, I left the demo. 

Exhausted, I went to one room and sat down. In front of me, two others were sitting in the different rows of chairs. Once I sat down, I felt a dizzying sensation an I couldn't move. Suddenly, machines started to operate, trying to seal us in a cylindrical container. I was Conscious about what's happening but I couldn't move. Someone called out and said that there are people there. "Let them out first." 

I got up and started walking away with a friend. We were talking about joining "the event". I wanted to but he was hesitant. He's had enough of nearly being sealed shut. I was trying to coerce him but failed. I went on to the venue of "the event".

The venue was our old house in San Antonio. I was waiting for "the event" to start. Can't remember exactly what the evebt was. All I recall was I felt tremendous fear, so did everyone else. It was gut-wrenching fear, like we were in mortal danger. I wanted to get out. Friend doesn't want to join because of fear. He had enough with what happened in the research facility. It starts at 10pm. It's just 6 pm. Was talking with other participants. They were scared but would wait. I left out of fear. 

I came to a school. There were a lot of rooms. People were also there for "the event". Apparently a murderer would come to kill everyone, or someone. Anxious, I was holding a book. Friend came in and shouted that people named "Jackson" will be among the dead. The time came and a black girl stabbed someone with a knife. Aliens were starting to materialize. Before they did, I shouted: "explode!". And all the killers and the aliens were caught on fire and exploded. We ran out and rejoiced that I defeated the enemies. 

After the victory, we were talking about Royce chocolates and I wanted one. I went to greenbelt and grabbed 2 different flavors and ate. I was looking at the name of the store. It wasn't Royce. I realized that the clerks didn't notice I was eating. I was thinking of not paying. Conscience got the better of me.  I just showed my half-eaten piece and paid 33 pesos for it. A friend came and had a chat. 

I decided to go back to the resort. I would go there and my friend would catch up. When I reached the lookout, I asked if the river is deep. I didn't want to go all the way through the hills to go back to the resort. She said that the water is shallow but the current is fast. I saw students in white high school uniform wade with the current, not to cross the river, but to go downstream. They were diving at the deep parts. I prepared to cross the river. They gave me a plastic water protection case so my phone wouldn't get wet. I started walking towards the river. 

Either I woke up or I couldn't remember the rest.