Monday, August 9, 2010

Fear, Lust, and Survival


My sister yelped as gunfire blazed outside our house. She ducked and slowly crawled to my side of the hall, carefully moving with her body flat on the floor.

I pressed my finger on my lips and urged her to hush. I bent towards her head and whispered, "Stay put. I have to go outside. They need my help".

I crawled towards the trunk and opened it. Inside where two revolvers - one green and of orange color. I held the guns closely and stared at the golden engraving. The words glistened as the amber light of dusk reflected on the surface. The label on the orange gun said "for local use only" while the green revolver had "for international use only".

I picked up the green gun, believing the power of its superior quality. I returned to my sister and told her to keep still. As I was about to leave, she grabbed my arm and handed me a spherical device embellished with knobs and buttons. "Use this kuya, this will kill all those bastards", she said. "But I don't know the code", I told her. She replied, "it's tattooed on the crotch of the one you love."

I got up and went to my room. Lying on my bed is my lover, eyes closed from deep slumber. Slowly, I removed the sheets and revealed the glorious naked body underneath. I peered into the crotch and copied the code for the bomb. (Ok. I won't describe in detail how I got the code and the "things" that happened after. Trust me, there were a lot of "things". And I won't give any description since the lover is a blogger. lol. I blame Aw for implanting the idea.).

As we released in unison, the spherical bomb started to glow. I entered the code and the bomb's mechanism activated. Shortly, metal parts that resemble appendages sprung from the sphere, detaching and attaching themselves in perfect unison; forming what seemed like a motorized chrome jigsaw. As the sphere twisted to its final form, a big blue button emerged from the center. Just one press and the bomb will detonate.

I ran outside and found my aunt fighting off the fiends. Dark creatures nested themselves on the huge rambutan tree in our backyard. One at a time they descended from the tree, black creatures with gnarled arms, twisting and turning in utter frenzy. Their faces were blank yet their stare was ghoul-like. The gaze sends shivered to my spine, eating my very soul.

"Don't look at their faces!", shouted my aunt as she volleyed rounds after rounds of ammunition with her machine gun. As she was firing, my other aunt removed the pins of her grenade and threw them to the black ones. The grenade exploded and blew a black one into bits. But as one creature died, another one appeared.

I shot a black one's head with my green international gun. It wobbled for a while, then glared at me with the hole on its head. It giggled - well, it seemed like it giggled - waves rippled from its head while its arms stretched and trashed mockingly.

"It's no use!", I shouted. "

The bomb! Use the bomb!", screeched my aunt while emptying her last round.

I removed the bomb from my pocket. Its touch on my palm calmed me as it glowed a faint red. I pressed the button and...

... I woke up. Monday morning once again.


  1. looks like you've watched inception.. haha. :D

  2. @efren: yup. watched it a month ago! this has nothing to do with inception, no. wala namang dream within a dream. bawal na bang managinip ng normal? hehehe. =p