Monday, March 14, 2011

I'm taking my stand, I'm risking it all.

I really had a blast watching Tangled! Apart from the lovable chameleon Pascal and the horse-cum-dog Maximus, the movie had a lot of funny scenes. Others may remember the movie because of Rapunzel and Flynn's love story but what struck me the most was the tavern scene with the thugs and hooligans. In the scene, the characters were saying that though we are thugs, we have dreams too.

It got me thinking, what is my dream?

I thought about it for a while and I couldn't give a direct answer. I thought about my current work and I simply can't imagine myself staying in this field.
Though I love research, I'm not particularly keen to business research. I do love doing research on ICTs and culture - something that I would want to pursue in the future.

Then I tried to recall the things that I've done that fired up my passion. Once, I dreamed to become a musician. Hello. Itigil ang ilusyon. Hahaha.

Three years ago, I did a couple of stints directing videos. I've made a couple of AVPs for YFC events in my community. I've also done a short film and a music video. The short film was a finalist for a filmfest in PWU while the music vid won best song for a Sulong CARHRIHL.

I would have wanted to hone the craft but I grew apart with my production team. But I do miss creating films. But the question is, should I pursue it?

Again, thanks to Purebliss for letting me create a video for Pilipinas. Thanks to all my friends/actors (naks!). And thanks to my production team. I love you guys. I miss our college shenanigans! Let's bring the old crew back together!

Here's the music vid that I directed:

Purebliss - Pilipinas from christian cangao on Vimeo.


by Purebliss

When they all seem to stumble,
am I alone?
United and divided
standing we fall.
I'm taking my stand,
I'm risking it all.

The hourglass has too small a hole

maybe I should just quit.

I'm drowsy debating with a wall
I'm breaking out, I wanna fall.

I cannot hear you, I can't comprehend
Back-off I am bent.
I'm taking my stand,
I'm risking it all.

To see you, I hope is the end.

I'm all about lament.

Ching Custodio - vocals
Juno Santos - rhythm guitar
Efren Peria - lead guitar
Coco Martinez/Darwin Talay - bass guitar
Benjo Ricarte - drums
Joseph Roble - kudyapi

Sarah Salazar
Joshua Torres
Ian Manigbas

Hiyas Luis
Rose Caraan
Roel Cruz
Karen Janiya
Kaye Pascual
Daryl Santos
Cyrus Fernandez
Anna Sabularse

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