Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Phoenix Arises

Even the legendary bird of fire, with all its majesty and blazing glory, comes to an inevitable moment of passing. As it sheds its current form, the flames purge the creature of its shell. Out of the ashes, it is born anew.

Enough of the drama! Hahaha. I just want to say thanks for all the blessings I've received recently. I've been focusing too much on the crappy side of life (heartbreaks and heart-breakers) that I've lost sight of all the great things that have been happening. Seeing the bigger picture makes me realize how blessed I am. Enough of the emo phase. Enough of the drama. Life is good. =)

I just want to mention my blessings in this entry. I feel that giving them form makes my appreciation more tangible. (at least in the cyber world) And by giving it form, it would be a first step in not taking things for granted.

First off, I'm blessed to have a new job! I'll be working for the Asian Institute of Management's Policy Center (APC). I'll be with the Doing Business project and my work will focus on technical writing and research. It sounds boring but I'm pretty excited to write for each city and somehow make their voice heard. I am just thankful that APC believes in my talent.

Next, I just want to thank Mam Pam Custodio and Mam Tattie Osalla for being great academic advisers. Their guidance helped my undergraduate research evolve to what it is now. Without their help, I wouldn't have been able to present my study to two international conferences outside the country. Thanks for believing in me and pushing me to be the best that I can be.

To all my newly found friends, I love you all. Thanks for being with me in this journey. Sorry for all the whiny shit I've dumped on you. Thanks for understanding my difficulties. I'm looking forward to ages of good vibes with you. I'd rather not mention names. Baka may magselos na hindi mabanggit. Haha! Pero you know who you are. For my old friends, thanks for sticking with me.

And my family, you are awesome. I will have big news. It will rock your world. Just wait for it. =)

I am in love with life. =)

BTW, I might be moving to Mandaluyong in a few weeks. Since I'd probably be alone in the condo, I want to occupy myself with a productive hobby. This blog will record my project's journey. I don't want to announce it yet but once I made the first post, I will do the much needed revamp of the blog. Coz I got to admit. The layout sucks. Haha.

Cheers! You'll hear from me soon!

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  1. Nice post Chanot. I'm excited in reading your future articles. :D