Saturday, June 12, 2010

Yes, I used to be in TV.

One by one, out of the bus we were gone.
I skipped down the stairs with my little feet, anxiously chatting with anyone I meet.
There it was, foreboding but magnificent - the building where happiness is evident.
I got my little blue ticket, and put it in my pocket.
As we all seated at the big hall, the lights brightened up the wall.
Men and women scampered about, doing their business no doubt.
Then a kind-looking lady came and asked, "Hey kid, wanna be part of the cast?"

I asked, "Mam, what will I do?". She said, "Smile and hold this shampoo!"

So then they sang, about cleanliness and bang!
I was suddenly in Batibot, the kid named Chanot.

Believe me, I tried to look for footage of the said episode but to no avail! I remember that we had a Betamax copy of it but the film was eaten by mold. All I have was a picture of me in the bus. (Yes. I am well aware that doesn't prove anything.)

And since I posted a baby pic, let's keep 'em coming!


(i love and miss my lola!)

(see? the hat obsession started young.)

(you can't be any groovier than that! my mom thinks so!)

(me and my dad in our ancestral home)

(I don't want a picture! I wanna ride the bike.)

(I was upset that it wouldn't move. I got MORE upset when it did.)

(Looking like a fool with the pants on the ground!
Me and Tita S)

(Me and Tita A.
And no, not all of my aunt's names are single letters.)

(LOL. What the hell am I doing?
That's Tita D, btw.)

(I wonder where that hat is now? hmm...)

(Hahahahahaha! Kaya pala.)

(Got a problem with me?)

(My cousins! The white chair says it all.)

(Back in the day, I was a male escort.)

(How you say no to that face? loljk.)

If anyone can ask Kuya Bodjie about the episode, lemme know! =)

♫♪ Pagmulat ng mata, diretso sa kubeta. Mag-Baaaaa ♪♫


  1. Haha, nice one. Batang Batibot ka pala? :)

  2. May kilay ka pa noon! (Joke! LOL)

  3. @paeeeng: Oo. Mahilig ako sa Batibot. Hahaha.

    @joel: Tinitigan ko din talaga habang nagpopost! Nasabi ko sa sarili ko, "Crap. Wala talaga akong kilay."

  4. @migs: Meron akong kilay. Pinagtatawanan lang ako ni Joel kasi manipis! Eh natural na ganun eh. Haha.

  5. hahahaha... kung pwede ko lang ibigay ang ilang hibla ng kilay ko. :))